Tales From the Vaccination Line

Tales From the Vaccination Line

How I Got Banned From the Clinic

The Best of 2021!

Last year was a slight improvement on 2020. But we still had to navigate COVID and more nonsense in the world of politics. But each week readers who wanted a brief escape from the misery of the news cycle tuned into the blog and newsletters of Jeff Stanger. By fan vote, these are the funniest, most entertaining of the lot.

Ever since the Mid 90s when he was a columnist for BC Magazine, Jeff has been putting his humorous stamp on politics, sports, and entertainment.


For example, our washing machine won't work. Now, the average person would say, "it's broken." And the average person would be wrong. The average person doesn't have superpowers.

But the Men Who Fix Things would tell you (after studying the unit, harrumphing several times, and referencing how "they don't make them like this anymore," will tell you that, "the water pump, compressor valve, and salad inverter (whatever that is) on your washing machine are all shot."


I've long considered hair implants —on my knees. I want to be the start of the knee beard trend. But my wife, who is very insightful, slipped a "No knee beards" clause into our wedding vows. I couldn't remember actually saying that, but she showed me a video of the vows and sure enough, I said it. However, the voice doesn't sound like mine, so I'm not so sure that some editing hasn't taken place.

I for one can get on board with the affirmation candles. I sometimes feel as if the candles my wife buys are judging me. That raspberry pomegranate candle in the kitchen is filled with scorn, I just know it.

The chore store (aka the hardware store) is an intimidating place where they sell chores disguised as tools, appliances, toilets, etc. This is a place where men and women who are "handy" use phrases like flush bolt and half-mortise hinge. They know what a knob shank is. I don't know what a knob shank is. But I'm pretty sure my mom would still try to wash my mouth out if I said it in front of her and I'm a grown man with a family and a mortgage.

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