Tales From a Roundabout
Tales From a Roundabout

Tales From a Roundabout

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Series: Tales From a Roundabout, Book 1
Genres: Humor, Satire
Tag: Humor

Just when you needed a good laugh, Jeff Stanger is back with a collection of hilarious stories set in Indiana's wealthiest suburb and home to America's most roundabouts.
City Council banned a gentlemen's club from opening within the city's borders. Now, the club owner is out for revenge and he plans an outrageous spectacle in the center of one of the city's most visible roundabouts.
The public display of dancers brings the wrath of the Lakewood Estates Association Moms. And the obsession of the Lakewood Estates middle school boys!
Now the club owner and mayor are in a battle with ever-increasing stakes and outrageousness. And the boys will risk being grounded for life, just to impress a dancer twice their ages. And hiding in the shadows is a city council member with a score to settle before his time in office ends.
Fans of Tim Dorsey and Carl Hiassen will enjoy this hilarious collection.

  1. Episode I: Performance Art
  2. Episode II: Political Unrest
  3. Episode III: Modern Ballet
  4. Episode IV: She Sheds, Man Caves, and Boy Basements
  5. Episode V: The Tomb of the Unknown Roadie
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