Tales From a Roundabout: Volume 2

Tales From a Roundabout: Volume 2

Because One Trip Through The Roundabout Wasn't Enough!

Tales From a Roundabout: Volume 2
A Collection of Funny Short Stories set in Carmel, Indiana --a City Obsessed with Art, Status, and Traffic Circles!

For fans of Volume 1, Mayor Teddy Wiggins is back and facing his toughest electoral opponent yet. The boys of Lakeshore Estates are back too and they've stolen the head of the mayor's favorite statue: himself!

You'll also meet Marci Emerald —an influencer whose empire has crumbled due to a college entrance scandal. And a new resident of Carmel, an androgynous person named Bulb is leading an anarchist group named the Lederhosen Mafia. Get ready for another fun ride through the roundabouts of upscale suburbia.

Fans of Tim Dorsey and Carl Hiaasen will enjoy this hilarious collection.


  1. Episode VI: Heavy is the Head
  2. Episode VII: Inclusive Statues
  3. Episode VIII: The Rise of the Lederhosen Mafia
  4. Episode IX: Everyone is a Genius at Something
  5. Episode X: Art & Feces
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About the Book
Series: Tales From a Roundabout, Book 2
Genres: General Fiction, Humor, Satire
Tag: Humor
Publisher: Blue Trolley Press
Publication Year: 2021
Format: eBook

List Price: .99
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