Common Side Effects

Common Side Effects

The Best of Carry On, Citizens!

Celebrate 10 Years of Carry On, Citizens with popular posts and new material from author Jeff Stanger! Carry On, Citizens has been making people laugh for a decade and Common Side Effects shines a light on the disturbing (yet never boring) mind of Jeff Stanger. Ever since the Mid 90s when he was a columnist for BC Magazine, Jeff has been putting his humorous stamp on politics, sports, and entertainment. From Common Side Effects:

"I'm guessing he's like the Peyton Manning of Elf Druids."
“We have also concluded that people that eat pudding every day never die. Ever.”
“One side effect I’ve noticed is that I’m growing beards on my kneecaps.”
"70% of moms are really just tired, despite claiming to be sick and tired."

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About the Book
Series: Best of the Blog Series, Book 1
Genres: Nonfiction, Satire
Publisher: Blue Trolley Press
Publication Year: 2013
Format: eBook

eBook Price: .99
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