I Bought A Chore

I Bought A Chore

And Other Hazards of Adult Life

Holidays, shopping, the bathroom debate, and raising teenagers. Nothing is off-limits in this hilarious collection of posts from the 2010s. Grab this collection from Jeff Stanger's Carry On Citizens blog and prepare to laugh.

From I Bought a Chore:

On lawncare...
"I’m all for robots mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, and watering the flowers. And if they could add a feature where the robot gardener yanks moles out of the ground and catapults them onto my neighbor’s rooftop, I would watch that for hours and hours."

On veggies...
"I don't trust kale and neither should you. Did you know that kale was introduced to Americans by a man who refused to eat kale? What does that tell you?"

On Halloween...
"Since some people are bent on shaming others due to the small size of their free candy, I’ve spent many hours (or minutes) pondering this issue. And due to the twisted nature of my brain, I wondered to myself, “Self, how could I take this absurd issue and make it, well, even more absurd.” And then it hit me. CAKE."

On greetings...
"Someone sent me their warmest regards today. Do you realize what that means? Those regards can’t be any warmer!"

Ever since the Mid 90s when he was a columnist for BC Magazine, Jeff has been putting his humorous stamp on politics, sports, and entertainment. In addition to his weekly column, he is the author of four novels, including the Quick Mystery Series.

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