“The Fungo Society: A Quick Baseball Mystery by Jeff Stanger is one of the most enjoyable reads I have had in a long while. Sprinkled with wit and the aura of a Philip Marlow mystery, The Fungo Society is an updated version of the old classic whodunit. The dialogue is believable and the characters are fun. Stanger has a firm grasp on light humor that keeps the reader reading and wanting more. While integrating an impressive knowledge of baseball trivia, the author embraces not only baseball card collectors. Mystery fans of the Sue Grafton circle will also enjoy The Fungo Society’s antics, quickly adding Stanger to the book shelf. I hope that Stanger has planned a series of Jonathan Quick stories because this collector wants them all.”

Lisa McCombs

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Let’s Just Keep Everybody Out of the Bathroom

Americans are fighting with each other again. This time, it’s over bathrooms. Some people want transgender persons to use any bathroom they want. Some people want them to go to the bathroom that matches their current set of tools. I say, keep everyone out of the...
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Do I Want to Know My Future? Yes, but only 5 minutes of it.

I got an email from someone who wanted to know if I wanted to know my future. If he knew the future, wouldn’t he know if I wanted to know? I’m skeptical, so I have decided to test him. I’ve asked him what I will be doing between 2:45 and 2:50...
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Cheap, Original Honus Wagner Baseball Cards

Can’t tackle the T206? Cracker Jacks confounding your cash flow? No worries. We’ve got ten cheap Honus Wagner baseball cards for you to chase. Source: Cheap, Original Honus Wagner Baseball Cards Sports Collectors Daily has the scoop on affordable Honus Wagner...
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Top Jim Bunning Baseball Cards, Rookies, Vintage, Autographs

Detailed guide to the best Jim Bunning cards of all-time. View images, buying guide and analysis for key cards, including his autographs and rookies. Source: Top Jim Bunning Baseball Cards, Rookies, Vintage, Autographs Cardboard Connection has a great breakdown of Jim...
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Someone Should Invent A Jolly Fat Man To Take Over Christmas.

Okay, I’m done with Christmas shopping. I don’t mean I’m done, there are some of you on the Nice list for whom I have yet to purchase something you can unwrap and subsequently hide in a closet. I’m just done going to stores. I’m...
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Jackie Robinson’s HOF Induction Plaque Headlines Auction

The plaque presented to Jackie Robinson as he entered the Hall of Fame in 1962 joins Babe Ruth memorabilia and dozens of important horse racing items. Source: Jackie Robinson’s HOF Induction Plaque Headlines Auction Follow the link above for Sports Collectors...
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