Keep Your Eye On The Money

Keep Your Eye On The Money

What Happens in Vegas Ends Up in a Quick Mystery!

What Happens in Vegas, Winds Up in a Quick Mystery!

Welcome to the most exclusive card game in Vegas. But you can't buy in with cash. You have to have $1 million worth of baseball memorabilia to get a seat at this table. And somebody is going to cheat to get it all.

It's another hilarious adventure for Jonathan Quick. This time he's been hired by the card game organizers to authenticate the merchandise. He uncovers a plot to rig the game, but exposing the cheaters could get him killed. Does he stay silent or bring this house of cards to the ground?

About Quick Mysteries:
Quick mysteries are a series of novels and short stories centered around the funny adventures of a high-end sports artifacts and memorabilia dealer. Who knew the underbelly of sports auctions would be filled with fraud, murder, and deceit? You don’t have to be a fan of baseball or sports to love these stories.

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About the Book
Series: Quick Mystery Short Stories, Book 3
Genres: Brozy Mystery, Humor, Mystery
Tags: Brozy, Brozy Mystery, Humor, Mystery
Publisher: Blue Trolley Press
Publication Year: 2020
List Price: .99
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