In my email today was a message from LinkedIn. The subject read: “Jeff, read the top 12 thought leader posts of the past year.”

I was intrigued. Not by the posts themselves, but by the thought of thought leaders. “Thought Leader” is one of those business buzzwords that is still hanging on. I like to make fun of buzzwords and catchphrases. A while back, everyone was overusing “low hanging fruit.” It was used so much, you would have thought the business world had suddenly developed a produce section.

Anyway, back to thought leaders. The first thing that struck me was that there was a typo in one of their headlines. I make mistakes too, so I won’t be too critical. However, once you get to thought-leader status, I’m surprised there isn’t a thought assistant or an edit leader to go with it.

There are a wide variety of thought leaders apparently. Ari Emanuel wants to “thought lead” me by sharing 6 Lessons He Lives By. Naomi Simson wants me to think about what Young Women In Business Need to Know. Gretchen Rubin thinks my thoughts should be on Working: A Dangerous Form of Procrastination. This one caught my attention because I like the idea of working and procrastinating at the same time. I’m assuming this involves cloning myself, but as you will soon see, I have no idea…

Unfortunately for LinkedIn (and the thought leaders), I wasn’t led to actually read the articles. And thus, my thoughts weren’t led in any particular direction. My dog, however, led me to finish this post so I could lead him on a walk. Or did he actually lead me?

Carry on, Citizens!