One of our friends has a double-sized lot with nothing on the second half. They’ve talked about putting in a pool. But we visited last weekend and she informed us they were going to put in a croquet court. They are even going to make people wear all white to come over and play.

Now, this is exactly the type of eccentric (I mean creative) type of thing I would do. I love this idea. And while we’re at it, now that the US Women’s Soccer team has been eliminated, why can’t we focus our national attention on professional women’s (and/or men’s) croquet (assuming it exists)?

I think croquet can be the next up-and-coming sport. Anyone can play it. There are far fewer injuries than in pickleball. And there is always the lurking danger that two players will get into a ruckus and start swinging mallets at each other. What’s not to love?

In anticipation of competitive leagues at our friend’s house, I’ve already come up with my team name: The Prickly Wickets. Our mascot will be a crazed porcupine holding a mallet. (If any of you can draw and have time on your hands, feel free to send me a logo.) 

I’m not sure how many people you need on a croquet team (since it’s an individual sport) but it’s never too soon to start recruiting. Then I’ll hold some sort of croquet Spring Training in Florida to get ready for the season.

With any luck, the Prickly Wickets will be so successful we get endorsement deals, White House invites, and our own trading cards. Do I even dare dream about a shoe deal? My own Converse croquet Chuck Taylors? As the song goes, “To live and die, it seems, is a waste without a dream.”

Carry on, Citizens!


In my Facebook memories today, Mr. Zuckerberg’s algorithm reminded me of an interaction with one of my former employees at a previous job (14 years ago).

Employee: “What do I need to bring to our meeting today?”

Me: “A notebook, marbles, a trident, and some lint.”

So, you see, I’ve always been this way.

If you do read it and decide it’s a fine pile of literature, please leave a review on Amazon. And if you include the phrase “Wow, those really do look like squirrels!” in the review, it would absolutely make my day.

Well, 3 of you have already posted reviews with the phrase “Wow, those really do look like squirrels!” and I can’t thank you enough. I think we’re on the cusp of a movement here! So, if you’ve had time to read it, please post a review. Thanks!