We’re done here. Well, almost. I suppose our son has to actually finish his senior year and then we’re done. But the milestone of this week is that it’s the last first week of school. 

Our youngest is going to be a senior. At this time next year, all of our children will be adult citizens. Well, citizens in adult bodies. And in the eyes of the state and themselves, “fully capable of making our own decisions.” 

Honestly, I think the entire senior year of high school should have no academics. None. Senior year should just be a video presentation on good decisions and bad decisions and the consequences of both. Repeated every day. 5 days a week. Until some of it leaks into the hormone and Tik Tok addled minds of teenage/soon-to-be adults. 

I’m sure I would have hated it. And I probably would have still made bad decisions in my late teens and twenties. But I would have at least been aware that I was making bad decisions. And being aware is halfway to deciding to NOT make a bad decision. Just think if we could reduce bad decision making in the world by half! 

I’m sure there are going to be many sentimental incidents happening this week in the form of my wife crying because her babies have all grown up. There will be a gathering of neighborhood moms to reminisce about school pictures and Halloween costumes. 

There will also be a (secret) gathering of dads who will be plotting to fill their basements with concrete so the newly adult children who “want to make their own decisions” can’t move back in when they discover budgets and the adult lack of a laundry fairy. 

Good times. So, if you’re facing the last first week of school, congratulations! Enjoy every moment of this final year with your kid(s). And if you’re a dad, the concrete meeting is at 8 pm on Wednesday! 

Carry on, Citizens!

photo credit: Eyad Elbayoumi Locks and Lockers via photopin (license)