Life goes in circles. When you go to a funeral, the minister always uses the phrase ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I think it would be better if he said diapers to diapers, pureed food to pureed food. 

There are circles in everything. As toddlers, we constantly pester our parents with questions. What is that? Why? Mommy, what’s that? Why? Why? Why? 

But our parents get us back in their 70’s, right? My mom calls me multiple times during the work day. Just like me asking questions as a toddler about any random thing that caught my eye, she has to call and tell me about every random thing that pops in her head. Before I wrote this she called to tell me she was considering cutting out cable TV. An hour before that she called to ask if I remembered to call my brother over the weekend to wish him a happy birthday. Circle of life. 

On my last day of class in college, I took notes in crayon, just like the first day of kindergarten. Circle of life. 

Life goes in circles. Make yours a merry-go-round. It’s too short to be anything else. 

Carry on, Citizens!