I woke up this morning to a report out of Mesa, AZ that a pest removal company took 20 snakes out of a homeowner’s garage. He called to say they had been there for several days. Several days? How do you not burn the place to the ground, let alone let them hang out for “several days?”

It gets worse. The company, Rattlesnake Solutions, said the skin sheds they found indicated there were likely 40 rattlesnakes in the garage at one time. First, I’m calling for carpet bombing of Mesa, AZ by the U.S. military. Sorry folks, you had a good run. But snakes are snakes.

Second, who doesn’t notice 40 snakes? And what else is running around their property (inside and out) that keeps 40 snakes fed? I need pictures. Unfortunately, this was modern journalism which operates on the assumption that if an article doesn’t cause more questions than it answers, it doesn’t get published.

On an unrelated note, I have to cut today’s post short. I’m off to therapy. No, not the kind of therapy most of you think I need. This is the physical therapy I wrote about a few weeks back. My shoulder is showing slight improvement. Enough that I can reach for a glass without pain shooting through my arm and torso. Not enough that I can go back to regular chores around the house, so there’s a silver lining.

Last week the therapist told me about needling. This is like acupuncture but without the music and incense. They also use thicker needles. I’m not to the point where they want to try this, but my therapist told me something interesting. 

To get the certification, the therapist pairs up with another therapist and they practice sticking each other with the needles into every major muscle group for a few days. “So just know your therapist went through a lot to be able to offer you this type of therapy,” she said.

That didn’t exactly sell it for me, but it did give me an idea for a future murder mystery comedy. I’m sure it will involve needles and snakes.

Carry on, Citizens!