The world is stealing my ideas. Okay, technically I didn’t invent the Professional Pillow Fight League, but it does sound exactly like the sort of nonsense I would put in one of my stories, right?

In previous novels, I came up with the Future Carnies of America, Beer League Croquet, and The Neurotic Meter Maids. I’m sure I would have eventually written a story with professional pillow fighters. Not anymore. Professional pillow fighting is real!

Imagine my surprise to see in the Yahoo newsfeed today a story about the PFC (Pillow Fight Championship). Saturday night in Florida (of course), 16 men and 8 women competed for the first-ever championship. The prize was $5000, a title belt, and the ridicule of at least one of their relatives who wondered aloud, “what are they doing with their lives.”

Pursuing their dreams, doubting relative! Pursuing their dreams. And this has inspired me to dream too. So, later this week, I’m pitching HGTV the idea of a couch fort building contest. I’ve been practicing in our living room (because my wife is out of town).

If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll take up pillow fighting. I wonder if they have an old dude division?

Carry on, Citizens!