Several Minor League teams have changed affiliations for the 2015 season. Here’s who won and who lost.

Winners: Daytona

After 22 years with the Cubs, the Daytona franchise of the Florida State League in now affiliated with the Reds. Rather than adopt the name of their parent club (a practice I personally hate!) they revealed their new name yesterday: Welcome to the newly named Daytona Tortugas!

Losers: South Bend

The franchise will now be named the Cubs. Their previous name was the Silver Hawks in honor of the Studebaker Silver Hawk that was manufactured in South Bend. It’s always a shame when a name with local meaning is replaced by a parent club name that could change again in just a few years.

Winners: Tri-City Dust Devils.

Their new affiliation with the Padres should keep their unique nickname safe for a while.

Losers: Oklahoma City, Pulaski

Once again, a team name with local meaning falls by the wayside. OKC becomes the Dodgers and Pulaski becomes the Yankees. Pulaski has a long tradition of being named whatever their parent club is named, so this is no surprise. However, they have a great old ballpark and were once named the Counts!

For a complete list of affiliation changes, click here.

Carry on, Citizens!