I wanted to take a moment and give a shoutout to my new cover designer, Mariah Sinclair. I stumbled across her work and was blown away by her talent. It started a conversation in which I told her I had always admired the work of Malika Favre but was also drawn to the covers of Carl Hiaasen.

She brilliantly offered up this idea: Why not both? So, going forward the short stories in the Quick series will have their own look (similar to the Hiaasen style) and the full novels will have a Malika vibe.

Here’s a little more about Mariah.

Mariah Sinclair is an award-winning designer. During most of her career, she worked for advertising agencies serving Fortune 500 companies, the City of Los Angeles as well as other government entities as a designer and digital marketer. She designed her first book cover in 2001. Now she focuses exclusively on designing book covers for independent authors. Her goal is to create beautiful, engaging book covers made to fly off the shelves!

She’s lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans and currently resides in the quaint Arizona town of Prescott with her two cats that resemble the comedy duo Laurel & Hardy. Mariah also volunteers as an Art Docent, teaching art history and appreciation to children.

I love Mariah’s work and am so proud to be working with her going forward. Let me know what you think.

Carry on, Citizens!