Recently, in a moment of madness, I clicked on a headline for some political squabble. One side was accusing the other of fear-mongering. That got me thinking, is there a good kind of mongering? 

Let’s face it, mongering gets associated with all the negative things like fear and hate. I’m sure mongering’s mother told him, “don’t hang out with fear and hate because people will associate you with them.” And like any teenager, mongering did the exact opposite of what mom said. All these years later, mom was right, and mongering has a bad reputation. 

But this is the holiday season. It’s time for Hannukah, Christmas, and whatever holiday IRS employees celebrate (they’re on my naughty list, but more about that some other time). And just like Scrooge was redeemed in any of the countless adaptations of a Christmas Carol, so too can mongering. 

So let’s begin the season of Joy Mongering. Encourage joy. Plot joy. Scheme joy. Connive joy. Unleash joy. Mongering needs a new brand image. 

When I first had this idea, I turned it into a movie script and took it to the folks at Hallmark Movies. I thought if anybody could get on the sentimental bandwagon, they could. But alas, they turned me down. 

They said my plot “didn’t include a big city man/woman returning home to reconnect with family, fall back in love with an old flame, save the family business, and witness Christmas magic at the town festival/party. And besides, who wants to watch a movie with mongering in the title? Please don’t call us again!” 

See what we’re up against. There is bias against mongering everywhere. Hallmark Channel is out. So, I’m counting on all of you. Commence Joy Mongering however you can. Do it for you. Do it for your community. Do it for mongering’s mom. 

Carry on, Citizens!