Today is a holiday. Not a widely known one, but a holiday nonetheless. It’s What the Hell Was I Thinking Day. What the Hell Was I Thinking Day comes right after New Year’s Day for a very good reason: Resolutions. It’s the cold hard light of January 2nd that makes you say “What the Hell Was I Thinking” when you head out to the gym at 5 am in order to lose those 30 lbs you pledged to lose 3 weeks ago when recklessly spouting off New Year’s resolutions.

It’s what you think when you get to page 8 of War & Peace and realize there are 1,000,000 more pages of this thing and what the hell was I thinking when I said I’m going to read more Tolstoy in the New Year. It’s what you shout at the top of your lungs when you get to work and see the donuts in the break room and remember you gave up sweets for the New Year.

But don’t despair. And don’t give up on those big goals. 2013 is going to be great. And you will be a better person when you reach that goal. But for today, share with us below what your New Year’s resolution and what the hell were you thinking?

Carry on, Citizens!