We’re only a week or so away from Thanksgiving and I’m feeling gruntled and whelmed. That’s a good thing, by the way. It’s very close to being thankful —which I will be next week when pie returns to our kitchen. 

I’m on a campaign to make gruntled and whelmed common everyday words. The world has become too disgruntled. Everyone is offended by everything. And everyone seems overwhelmed. Nobody counts their blessings (unless there’s pie). We need to be more thankful. But in between disgruntled and thankful is the state of being gruntled (or whelmed). So, if we can get there, we can move on to thankful.

How can you start using gruntled and whelmed in everyday conversation? Here are some ideas.

Example 1: Yesterday I had a salad for lunch. I was underwhelmed. Today I’m having leftovers from a Mexican restaurant. I’m back to whelmed. 

Example 2: My wife missed the Hallmark Channel. She was disgruntled. I got her hooked on Britbox. She became gruntled. And YouTubeTV just announced that they added Hallmark Channel. Now she’s thankful. Dare I say she’s uber-gruntled? That might be too much.

So, start using gruntled and whelmed in everyday conversation. (If you get weird looks, blame it on me.) Better yet, try to be gruntled and whelmed. Because next week, there’s pie. 

Carry on, Citizens!