Why do we do it? Why are we the only species that goes out of our way to put ourselves in mortal danger?

This morning I read about a group of twelve Russian tourists who tried to climb a volcano last Tuesday. Six of them died. Trying to CLIMB A VOLCANO! What could go wrong? Life, that’s what. Life went wrong. It became death!

Last week I read about an “influencer” who died trying to skydive. I guess she was so busy trying to get the right background for her Instagram picture on the way down, that she forgot to pull the ripcord in time.

Now, we’ve all heard about influencers faking their photos, using Photoshop, etc. Don’t you think this would have been the right time to stage a photo instead of actually jumping out of a real plane? Maybe I don’t understand influencer culture well enough.

At any rate, we’re pretty dumb despite the fact that we invented computers, buffalo wings, and bendy straws. Some time back, a group of German tourists left their safari vehicle to get a better photo of some tigers. The tigers ate them. I wasn’t aware that Instagram had a carnage filter. You learn something new every day.

Doing a quick Google search, I realized a disturbing trend. For every story of a woman doing something stupid to cause her own death, there are at least 10 stories of a man dying from pinheadery.  So, women apparently are much better at saying, “maybe climbing a volcano isn’t such a good idea. I’ll let the guys have this one.”

And then there we go, guys. Up the flaming death mountain without a clue. Next thing you know, only six of the twelve are coming down and the fantasy football league is wrecked! Or whatever fantasy sport they have in Russia.

My point is, we could learn something from women about avoiding death. Except the influencers. They’re just one perfect photo away from the grim reaper. Don’t be influenced by them!

Carry on, Citizens!