It’s Blow Stuff Up Eve. Some of you think it’s simply July 3rd today,  but it’s really Blow Stuff Up Eve. It’s time to duck out of work early and prepare for a long weekend. It’s time to head to the fireworks store and fill up a shopping cart. It’s time to blow stuff up (legally of course). 

Have you ever considered the irony of celebrating the creation of one thing (a new country) by the obliteration of other things (neatly wrapped paper filled with carbon-based explosives)? It almost makes me weep just typing it.

We owe a huge debt to the Chinese who invented fireworks in the 9th century, during the Tang Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty is my favorite Dynasty (#2 would, of course, be the 80s TV drama). It gave us fireworks, woodblock printing, and the invention of the civil service exam (I swear I’m not making that up). 

I love fireworks. And Americans love blowing things up —maybe a little too much. But think of it as letting off steam halfway through the year. After this weekend, we’ll be rested and ready for back-to-school sales (which have already started) and whatever drama the Kardashian clan throws at us. 

So, enjoy the holiday weekend and celebrate responsibly. 

Carry on, Citizens!

PS: (And if you’re not in the US, I’ll happily blow stuff up on any day you suggest!)

Photo Credit:

Jumpin’ Jacks – Scotia via photopin (license)